Amazing Varieties of Lime Fruits That You Should Know

Lime varieties are great for adding some zip to margaritas or to flavor a classic key lime pie. Here are some amazing types of lime fruits to keep in mind!

Approximately 33 percent of consumers said they purchased limes in the past year. Whether you're making a delicious key lime pie or adding some zest to your favorite dish, lime fruits are great for adding a depth of flavor. Despite the many uses of lime fruits, however, people don't realize there are different types of lime to choose from.

Curious about the different lime varieties available? Keep reading to discover four of the most popular types of lime fruit found around the world!

By learning more about limes, you can choose the right variety for your next dish or dessert. Keep reading to learn all about limes.

Mexican Key Limes

Mexico's lime production is expected to grow to 2.4 million tons this year. Often referred to as Key limes, this citrus fruit is known for its strong acidic flavor and aroma. They usually grow at one to two inches in diameter.

Key limes are smaller and brighter yellow in color compared to other limes. They're usually harvested when still green. As they become yellow, the fruit ripens, intensifying the flavor!

Mexican Key lime varieties are known for the intense sour-sweet taste. These limes are ideal for cooking, baking, and even flavoring cocktails. 

There are a few other Mexican limes you might consider, including:

  • Mary Ellen sweet limes
  • Thornless Mexican limes
  • Castello limes

The thornless key (Mexican) lime has a similar taste to the other limes mentioned above. However, these limes are easier to harvest since the fruit tree doesn't have thorns. The limes have plenty of juice too, making them ideal for any dish.

Persian Limes

Persian limes, or Bearss limes, are one of the most popular types of lime found across the world. Compared to the Mexican Key limes, Bearss limes are larger. They usually appear in an oval shape.

Bearss limes are best for dishes that require less acidity.

Like the thornless Mexican lime, Persian limes from Persian lime trees are easy to cultivate because the trees grow without thorns. The limes usually grow up to 2.5 inches in diameter. Once they full ripen, they'll turn a green-yellow hue. 

Bears limes aren't as bitter as other limes. They also have a longer shelf life than other limes due to their thicker skins. 

Makrut Limes

If you're looking for lime varieties that are popular in Asia, turn to the Kaffir or Makrut lime. This lime is usually green in color and distinctive for its bumpy exterior.

Like some of the other limes we've discussed, Makrut limes turn a little yellow once they ripen. However, these limes are usually too tart and acidic to cook with, but Makrut lime leaves are used to flavor cuisine and cocktails. They also contain less juice than their Persian or Mexican counterparts.

Makrut limes are usually only two inches wide.

Add a Little Zing: Three Amazing Types of Lime for Your Next Recipe

Add a little flavor to your life! These three amazing types of lime can add a lot of fresh zing to your citrus recipes. 

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