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Fruit Gift Ideas: What To Include In The Perfect Citrus Fruit Basket

Citrus fruits are healthy, smell great, refreshing, and perfect for gifts! Here are some magnificent fresh fruit gift ideas to use for your citrus fruit basket.

Almost 90% of Americans don't get enough fruit to eat. It's recommended that people get around two cups of fruit each day, and only 12% of people are meeting that goal. 

Not only is it a great gift for any occasion, giving someone a fruit basket as a gift can encourage them to be more healthy. Learn how to think up the best fruit gift ideas below for the next time you need to celebrate an occasion. 

Top Tips on How to Build The Best Fruit Gift Ideas

Handmade goods are becoming more and more valuable, with the rise of impersonal gifts and big box stores. Fruit gift ideas will help spark more imagination for your handmade gift.

Get Selective with Your Fruit

Do you know how to tell if an orange is perfectly ready to eat? When you're making your fruit basket, you don't want to get fruit that's already ripe.

You should be aiming for about a three to five ripening time with the fruits that you choose, so you can give it away and not be giving the gift of spoiled fruit.

It's All About Presentation

However you wrap your fruit basket don't use plastic wrap. If you want to say, "This gift is cheap and tacky," then plastic wrap is the way to go.

If you don't, use cello bags or cellophane wrap. Top it all off with a bow. A finishing touch will make your basket feel complete.

Don't Be Delicate

It's hard to include berries and small fruits inside your basket. Smaller fruits are much easier to damage, and aren't going to make much of a visual impact on your overall presentation.

If you do want to include small fruits, place them in another container inside the basket. You might also want to consider adding some kind of jam using those small fruits because it will last much longer than little fruits that tend to go bad more easily.

The Heavy Stuff Goes First

The arrangement of your basket is important. Just like you're doing a floral arrangement, the visuals of the basket are the first thing that the gift receiver is going to pay attention to.

The heaviest fruits go on the bottom of the basket, and then you can get increasingly lighter as you go on. Not only does this usually look better, but it also keeps your more delicate fruits from getting crushed under the weights of melons or large oranges.

Once you've created your fruit basket, you're obviously going to want to show it off. Take a picture and let everyone know how great you are at creating unique, beautiful, and useful gifts!

Know Your Citrus

If you're not familiar with the fruit you're using in your fruit gift ideas, check out our diverse selection citrus fruits for sale.

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