Healthy Gift Ideas: 5 Tips on How to Make a Fruit Basket

Looking for the perfect gift that will be delicious and healthy? Here's how to make a fruit basket they'll love. They're universal and easy to make for others!

Did you know that most gift baskets are worth $50- $250, depending on how many premium items are inside? 

Fruit baskets are an excellent gift idea for any occasion, but sometimes the stores don't have exactly what you are looking for. 

Instead of settling with an average basket, you can learn to make your own, and you can make them as personalized as you would like. 

Continue reading to discover how to make a fruit basket that everyone will want. 

How to Make a Fruit Basket That People Will Love  

If you are wondering how to make a fruit basket that is unique and delicious, then you have come to the right place. There are many ways to creating a fruit basket, so don't be afraid to get creative! 

The first step in making a fruit basket is to select the basket, many people choose between wicker, metal, and glass. Be sure to keep in mind how large the pieces of fruit will be so that you can pick the correct size basket. 

The next thing to do is create a base for the fruit to sit on top of. Draping washed leaves, shredded tissue paper, or cardboard are simple ways to do this. 

After the base is in the basket, you can begin adding in your fruit to make it a finished product! Below are a few tips and tricks to creating the best fruit baskets that people will love to receive! 

1. Be Picky When Selecting Fruit 

One of the most important tips to making a fruit basket is to buy fruit that is still firm, but ripe. 

Purchasing fruit when it is already ripe can lead to molding when the person finally receives the basket. Many fruits go bad once they reach the point of being ripe, others can last 3-5 days on average. 

Be sure to keep in mind, the length of time from purchasing the fruit to giving the basket away. 

2. Avoid Overspending 

As mentioned above, fruit baskets can become extremely costly depending on the quality of products inside.

Typically, you can find quality baskets at resale shops or dollar stores for much cheaper and they work just as great as standard wicker baskets. You can also create your base out of something cheap to avoid overspending. 

3. Wrap It up

Once the fruit has all been placed within the basket, you will have to wrap it up. 

Plastic wrap is a cheap way of keeping items inside and safe from getting damaged. Other ways that you can wrap your basket is with a cellophane wrap and cello bags. 

Adding a bow on top can make the presentation look complete and cover up any bunching of the wrapping. 

4. Choose Larger Fruits 

Small and delicate fruits, like berries, are not well suited to go in fruit baskets because they can easily be damaged. If you do want to utilize berries inside the basket, you can do a homemade marmalade that will last much longer.  

Larger fruits are often best for fruit baskets because they aren't as fragile and last longer sitting out. 

5. Heavy Items Go First

When arranging your basket, be sure to put the heaviest items in first, so that they are on the bottom. After they have been placed you can work your way up from heaviest to lightest.

This will help keep any fruits from getting bruised or damaged.  

Sharing Is Caring

After you begin creating these and giving them to friends and family, they will be wondering how to make a fruit basket themselves. 

There are many ways that you can create a personalized and unique fruit basket. Using the tips mentioned above can help you create something spectacular. You may not even want to give it away!

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