The Secrets of Making Perfect Homemade Marmalade

Nothing completes a fulfilling breakfast like fresh homemade marmalade. Learn how to make your own with these tips for unraveling the mysteries of marmalade.

Marmalade has been a delicious staple for many homes worldwide; however, unlike jams and jellies, making the perfect batch is not very easy. Many home cooks have trouble getting their creation to set properly, making their marmalade a watery mess. That's because you have to cook it at the right temperature so it can get a perfect consistency with each batch.

If you're wondering how to find the right setting point for your homemade marmalade then read the suggestions below. We are going to talk about the best-kept secrets of making the perfect batch of amber-colored fruit infused goodness. 

What Makes a Good Batch of Homemade Marmalade?

There are a lot of things that go into perfecting your next batch of marmalade, that range from choosing the right fruit to heating it at the right temperature. But, it's hard to tell if your preserves have adequately set, especially if you are new to making them. So how can you guess if your finished product was prepared right?

We are going to talk about that in this section the ways you can tell if your marmalade recipes are ready to go, by visually looking. There are a few options that you can choose from, below:

Look For Bubbles

When you're bringing your marmalade to a boil, you can tell the bubbles are forming fast. But when it begins to thicken, you will notice that the bubbles will be much slower, similar to a fish blinking its eyes. When your marmalade gets to that point, it's set enough to begin cooling in a clean jar.  

The Plate Wrinkle Test

The plate wrinkle test is the most used method to make sure your marmalade recipes are at the right consistency before you begin to can. You first take some saucers and place them in your freezer for a few hours. Once you take them out, put the hot marmalade onto the plates and place them back in your fridge for a few minutes. 

Take them out and push your finger into the preserve, and if it wrinkles, your homemade marmalade is complete. If it's still too liquidy, then put your mixture back on the stove for a little while to let it cook some more, before trying it again. You can also use the back of a spoon to perform the wrinkle test.

Check Your Temperatures 

You want your marmalade to have a temperature between 217 and 221 degrees Fahrenheit.  To check your temperatures, get a candy thermometer and submerge it in your mixture up to the designated line and wait for the reading to appear. It should only take a few minutes to get the correct temperature.  

Tips to Make the Perfect Marmalade

Sometimes, when you follow your homemade marmalade recipe to a tee, it may not come out to the desired consistency that you were hoping for when the batch was made. But there is hope because we have six tips to help every home cook perfect their marmalade recipe below:

  1. Choose quality fruit, and make sure that it's free of any damage, or else the marmalade will quickly deteriorate. Some favorite ingredients that are used when making their time-tested marmalade recipes are oranges and other citrus fruits
  2. Use granulated or preserving sugar when making your batch, but make sure that you dissolve all of your sugar before bringing your mixture to a boil. 
  3. Always make sure your peels are softened before adding the sugar, or else it will cause them to harden. 
  4. Once your mixture reaches its setting point, be sure to turn off the stove and let your marmalade to cool for ten minutes before canning. Your preserves will continue to set once they're in their jars. 
  5. Be sure to follow all safety measure when preparing and canning your finished mixture. Always use oven mitts and a wide-mouth funnel when storing your homemade marmalade. 
  6. When you can your marmalade, be sure to use a wax ring to keep any bacteria and mold away from your finished product, and to prevent any food born illnesses from occurring.

It's Time to Make a Delicious Batch of Marmalade

Making your homemade marmalade doesn't have to be difficult when you use the right tips and techniques. By using the right citrus and our secrets, you will have a delicious batch of orange marmalade that will last for months. Your tastebuds will thank you for all of your hard work.

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