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How Long Do Lemons Last? A Guide for Long-Lasting Lemons & Juice

Lemons are perfect for summer treats and drinks, but how long do lemons last? Make your summer lemons last even longer with these helpful tips and tricks.

Lemons and lemon juice can brighten up any dish and can add immense flavor to it as well. It's easy to want to store many lemons so that you have them on hand for whatever meal you're making but sometimes if you don't store them properly or get to them fast enough, you get a rotten lemon. 

So the question you may be asking is how long do lemons last? Here are some answers and how to get lemons to last longer. 

How Long Do Lemons Last? 

If you ever bought lemons in bulk, you may have come across rotten lemons at one point in time. Rotten lemons become very soft and squishy, discolor, and form green mold by the rinds which eventually spreads to the whole lemon.

In the event you notice that there is mold or that the lemon is extremely squishy, there is no point in trying to salvage the lemon. Throw it out. The same goes for cut lemon. 

The life of a lemon varies on how you store it. If you leave it out on your counter, at most, it'll last up to a week. If it's summertime or hot in your home, it'll last for a few days. 

Lemons that are kept in cooler areas, away from heat, will last about two weeks. If you decide to store your lemons in the fridge, they can last a maximum of four to six weeks. 

Cut up lemons in the fridge will only last about a few days and a week if it is covered or in a container. Hot, humid areas are detrimental to the preservation of the lemon. Cooler if not cold areas will increase the life of a lemon.

How to Store Lemons 

The method of storing lemons will determine how long you can keep them fresh. As mentioned before, if you prefer them at arms reach on the counter, you can expect to only have them for about a week to two weeks. This also depends on how hot or cool your home is. 

If you want to extend the time of your lemons to about two weeks to three weeks, you can keep them in your pantry, away from the summer sun. 

To get the most of your lemons, the fridge is your best option. You can take the easy route of just popping them in the vegetable crisper drawer and they'll be good for a month. However, there is a way to extend that month.

If you take a freezer bag and put your lemon in there, making sure to take out any air in them, you can have fresh lemon for up to six weeks. 

Get the Most From Your Lemon 

Lemons are great when you have them on hand and want to make lemonade, lemon recipes, or want to add color to your dishes. They have many uses, that's why they're so amazing. Not having them when you need them can be upsetting but with the tips outlined here, you can preserve them for much longer and have them whenever needed. Here's more information on storing citrus fruits.

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