How to Make Valencia Orange Marmalade

Valencia orange marmalade adds brightness and delicious orange flavor to any number of breads and dishes. Here is how to make the orange marmalade yourself!

Have you ever tasted the awesomeness that is orange marmalade?

Do you know what marmalade is? Marmalade is a fruit spread made from citrus fruits that include the rind, the fruit, and the juice. 

Unlike jams, which do not use the rind.

Marmalades take a bit more work than jams, but they are worth it. They have a unique texture. The small bits of rind in the marmalade provides a soft "bite" when eaten, along with a bit of tangy brightness. 

If you haven't tried orange marmalade, follow this recipe and delight your taste buds!

How to Make Valencia Orange Marmalade

What you will need:

  • 2 pounds Valencia Oranges
  • 6 cups of water
  • 6 cups of sugar
  • Juice from 1/2 lemon
  • 10 (1/2 pint) canning jars with seals and lids
  • A candy thermometer or deep-fry thermometer

First, Prepare the Orange Peels for Cooking

  1. Use a vegetable brush to thoroughly clean the outside of the oranges.
  2. Use a vegetable peeler to peel the outer rind off the Valencia oranges, taking care to not go too deep so you don't also get the pith (the white part). 
  3. Cut the peels into short juliennes.
  4. Place the prepared peels into an 8-quart stainless steel saucepan.
  5. Cover the peels with enough water to cover them by one-inch.
  6. Over high heat, bring the peels to a boil.
  7. Boil for 10 minutes, then drain.
  8. Repeat the 10 minute boiling process (steps 5-7) one more time. 

Prepare Your Canning Jars

To sterilize your canning jars and equipment, simply do the following:

  1. Fill your canning jar bath or a very large pot (at least 12-quart) with your canning equipment. This includes your canning jars, rings, lids, tongs, ladle and canning funnel (if you have one).
  2. Cover with enough water so that one-inch of water is above everything.
  3. Bring the water to a boil.
  4. Allow the water to boil for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Turn off the heat, but leave the bath/pot on the burner.
  6. Leave everything in the bath/pot until you are ready to fill them with the marmalade.

Prepare the Marmalade

  1. Slice the peeled oranges; discard the seeds.
  2. Place the cut up oranges and lemon juice into the 8-quart stainless steel pot with the rind.
  3. Bring the fruit to a boil, then add the sugar.
  4. Cook over medium heat, stirring continuously until the mixture reaches 222 degrees Fahrenheit on your thermometer. [see note below]
  5. Turn off the heat.

Step 4 will take approximately 15-25 minutes.  Do not leave the stove during this time. You may need to adjust the temperature down so the fruit does not boil over.

Note: To keep the peel from sinking in the marmalade, let the marmalade cool for 5 minutes before spooning it into your jars.

Canning the Marmalade

Carefully remove your canning equipment from the bath/pot, placing everything onto a clean kitchen towel with the jars racing upright. 

Fill your canning jars with the Valencia Orange Marmalade, leaving 1/4-inch empty headspace at the top of each jar. Use a clean towel to wipe off any marmalade that may have spilled onto the sides of the jars.

Once the jars are sealed, return them to your canning bath/pot. Make sure the jars are covered by at least an inch of water. Bring the jars to a boil and let everything boil for at least 15 minutes.

Carefully remove all the jars from the bath/pot. Place them onto a kitchen towel to cool for 24 hours. After that, the jars can be opened immediately, or they can be stored somewhere cool and dark for up to 6 months.

Once opened, the marmalade must be refrigerated.

How to Use Your Orange Marmalade

Of course, orange marmalade is wonderful as a topping on all kinds of toast, biscuits, crackers, croissants, and English muffins. 

But it can also be used in desserts, such as in between layers of cake or the topping on a cake. 

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