Tasty Meyer Lemon Recipe Ideas to Try Tonight

Looking for a new and delicious lemon recipe to try tonight? Whether it's dinner or dessert, these unique Meyer lemon recipe ideas are sure to hit the spot!

If you're looking for a way to spice up your kitchen habits, adding a new ingredient is a good method to try. While it can be scary to work with a new flavor you haven't tried before, experimenting with something different can take your cooking up a notch and pleasantly surprise your family or guests.

Meyer lemons can help give your recipes some extra zest without taking you too far outside your comfort zone. Continue below for some info about Meyer lemons and a few delicious Meyer lemon recipe ideas to try.

Why Meyer Lemon Recipes?

Meyer lemons are different than regular lemons. They're a little sweeter, and their peel is thinner. They also tend to be more orange in color as a result of being a cross between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange.

These unique hybrid fruits native to China provide recipes with a distinct lemon flavor. Less sharp than a traditional lemon, Meyer lemons are great for cooking if you're looking to try something more sophisticated and different. They also work into a holiday fruit basket well as a nice surprise for the recipient.

Meyer Lemon Desserts

Use Meyer lemons in any dessert recipe to up the ante. Try a lemon tartlet like with macadamia nuts as a great way to feature the unique fruit. Or go with a traditional lemon poppyseed cake instead if you want to put a fun twist on an old favorite.

Lemon tea goes with any dessert, too. Use Meyer lemons in a citrus tea to warm your guests after an amazing meal. Serve with the last course as you relax together and enjoy each other's company.

The Fish Course

Using lemon with fish is a normal habit. Chefs and home cooks alike choose lemon for their regular fish dishes. However, if you're changing it up and using Meyer lemons, why not try fish kabobs? Add the summer veggies you like and put them on the grill.

Another seafood alternative with more panache is to try Meyer lemons with pasta and crab. This crab pasta dish with prosecco and Meyer lemon sauce adds gourmet taste to your fish course.

Delicious Lemony Sides

Meyer lemons also give a boost to any of your side dishes. Try a risotto with golden beets or butternut squash and add in Meyer lemons. 

They work well with veggies, so even cauliflower and broccoli would pair with Meyer lemons for a tart accompaniment to your meal. Or make a beautiful salad using winter pears and add candied Meyer lemons or a homemade lemon sauce.

Lemon Love

However you decide to work Meyer lemons into your meal, whether in a dessert, a main dish, or side, they'll make your kitchen smell delicious and your taste buds dance.

The Meyer lemon recipe ideas above will get you started with some new flavors. You'll love the tastes coming out of your kitchen this season when you add Meyer lemons.

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