The Most Exotic and Unusual Fruit from Around the Globe

If you thought the list of fruit ends at traditional apples and oranges, think again! Explore some of the most exotic and unusual fruit from around the world.

When shopping at big grocery store chains, we're not exposed to all of the wonderful fruit varieties out there. Big-name grocery stores only provide us with the basic fruits such as apple, oranges, pomegranates, and other common types. 

However, there are many unusual fruits out there just waiting for us to try. If you thought the list of fruits ended at the types of fruit you find at the grocery store, you couldn't be more wrong. For a list of some of the most exotic and unusual fruit from around the globe, continue reading below!

1. Buddha's Hand Fruit

The Buddha's hand citron fruit gets its name from the way it's shaped. The shape of the fruit resembles the buddha's hand, although each fruit is shaped a bit differently. Some look like a hand with the fingers placed close together, while others look like a hand with the fingers spread out.

The most common use of this fruit is to enjoy its wonderful aromas. The fruit is also sometimes used in desserts and more savory meals as well. 

2. Honeydrop Kishu Mandarin Fruit

When imagining a mandarin, your first thought is a small, round, orange fruit. The Honeydrop Kishu Mandarin fruit, however, has a honey color to it, giving it its name. These mandarins are small and have a strong sweet flavor. 

They're a nice and sweet spin to your normal mandarin and can be peeled and eaten in just the same way!

3. Kumquat Fruit

The kumquat fruit resembles an orange, however, their shape is more oval than round, and they are tiny in size, hardly bigger than extra-large grapes. The flavor of this fruit is sour and citrusy. The most surprising and unusual aspect of this fruit though is that the peel is delicious and provides a sweet flavor when consumed.

The best way to eat this fruit is to eat it whole and discover the mixture between the sour fruit and its sweet peel.

4. Makrut Lime Fruit

The Makrut lime fruit also goes by the name of the Thai Lime or the Kaffir Lime. Its appearance is that of a lime, but with a bit of a different skin. The skin of this fruit is bumpy, having a lot more texture than a normal lime does.

A common popular use of this fruit is using its lime leaves to add zest to dishes. 

5. Australian Finger Lime Fruit

The Australian finger lime fruit is a fruit that's part of the citrus family but is highly unusual. These fruits also go by the name of Lime Caviar because of their unique features. Inside the lime are small bulbs similar to the shape of caviar. 

When bitten into, these bulbs release spurts of flavorful juice that taste like a lime.

Grow Your Own Unusual Fruit in Your Backyard!

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