Wondering What to Do With Kumquats? Here Are 3 Things to Try

Do you own a kumquat tree and wondering what to do with your citrus fruit? Here are a couple of recipes to try, including candied kumquats and kumquat vodka!

Kumquat is the perfect sweet and sour citrus fruit to grow that's small in size and can be grown indoors and out.

Unlike other citrus trees, kumquats can grow well in cooler conditions. The fruit itself is both tart and sweet. The best thing about kumquats? 

You can eat them without peeling, and they can be eaten in several different ways! If you are wondering what to do with kumquats you already have, then you'll want to continue reading below. 

Here are 3 different things that you can try with your kumquats!

1. Candied Kumquats

Candied kumquats go well when placing them on cakes, other uses for baking, or even meats for lavish dishes. When you're not in the mood to bake or cook, you can simply eat the candied kumquats right out of the jar! Yum!

It only takes about 10 minutes to prepare and about 30 minutes to makes these delicious treats. Here's what you'll need:

  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 4 cups of chopped kumquats

Small kumquats can be left whole while others need chopping. Remove any visible seeds, but don't worry too much as the seeds are edible. Boil the water and sugar together. Once boiling, simmer for 4 minutes.

Then, add the kumquats and simmer for 10 minutes. Drain over a bowl. Return the syrup back to the pot and simmer for 5 minutes. 

Mix 1/4 cup of syrup with kumquats. Place in an air-tight jar and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks!

2. Eat Them Whole

If you're really not sure what to do with kumquats because you're unfamiliar with them, then the easiest way to eat them or try them out is to eat them whole and experience all their benefits. When we say whole, we mean the peel and all!

The peel is going to be sweeter than the insides, which will give the flavor a nice balance between tart and sweet. Clean them, pat them dry, and place in a bowl on the counter for easy access whenever you need a quick treat.

3. Kumquat Vodka

There are plenty of ways to eat kumquats whether it be in your salad, eating them whole, using them as a preserve or candied side item. Once you get a taste of the flavor, your mind will begin to swarm with new ideas. 

One unique way to use kumquats, however, is to use them to create kumquat vodka! Fruit-flavored vodkas are popular, but you most likely can't find a kumquat flavored one. Making it is simple!

Place a few kumquats in vodka or even gin or up to 3 days. That's all it takes, and the vodka-soaked kumquats work well as cocktail garnishes! 

There's No Limit on What to Do With Kumquats!

There's ultimately no limit on what to do with your kumquats. You can eat them whole or use them as you would any other citrus fruit. Keep these 3 ideas in mind when growing your own kumquat tree and always stay creative!

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