Delicious and Nutritious: 5 Benefits and Uses of Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir lime leaves are versatile leaves used as herbal medicine, in cooking, and more. Discover the many great benefits and uses of Kaffir lime leaves here!

Whether it’s your love for South Asian cuisine or natural remedies, the aromatic Kaffir leaf is jam-packed with many health benefits

You may wonder how to use Kaffir lime leaves to harness their magical powers. Luckily, you’re in the right place. Here are five benefits of using Kaffir leaves.

What Is a Kaffir Leaf?

Before you stock up on Kaffir leaves, it’s important to know what they look like and where they’re from.

Kaffir lime leaves are used in Thai, Indonesian, and Cambodian dishes. You'll notice them from their spiced-citrus flavor which is zestier than a bay or curry leaf. 

How to Use Kaffir Lime Leaves

You should add Kaffir lime leaves to your food. Add the full leaves as you’re cooking but take them out before serving as they are difficult to eat.

If you don’t want to remove the leaves, tear away the spine from the leaves, stack them, and roll them into a cylinder. Next, use a sharp knife to slice the leaves as thin as possible and use them as a garnish on your salad or rice dishes. 

Kaffir Lime Leaves Benefits

Kaffir leaves are also used in herbal medicine because of its several beneficial compounds that help our bodies. Such as...

1. Reduces Stress

Kaffir leaves' intense citrus aroma can melt away our stress. Kaffir lime oil, for example, is used in aromatherapy to reduce anxiety, stress, and sickness fatigue. 

2. Healthy and Glowing Skin

One of the top benefits of kaffir lime leaves is its ability to clear your skin. The essential oils target Propionibacterium acnes (the bacteria behind our break-outs) and have anti-inflammatory properties to prevent any skin blemishes.

Also, Kaffir lime oil contains terpenes like citronella and limonene which have antioxidant qualities. They help reduce aging on your skin and leave you with a healthy glow. 

3. Gives Your Hair a Boost

You can find Kaffir lime in many hair products as the oil helps untangle and washes away any dirt or grease build-up. 

4. Insect repellent 

Mosquitoes are prevalent in South East Asia, so it’s no wonder Kaffir leaves are used as a repellent. 

As mentioned, Kaffir lime has citronella which is a natural insect repellant. This is a healthier alternative to commercial insect sprays which often contain harmful chemicals. 

5. Antibacterial Properties

Kaffir leaves also prevent the growth of bacteria on wounds and speed up the healing process. This is because they have antibacterial properties that tackle Staphylococcus aureus which is a common skin pathogen. 

Now You Know How to Use Kaffir Lime Leaves

Once you know how to use Kaffir lime leaves, you’ll see improvements in many aspects of your life. It’s not only a tasty addition to your daily salad but they also keep your hair and skin in excellent condition. Enjoy!

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