5 Kaffir Lime Recipes You Shouldn't Skip

From light, refreshing drinks to hearty main courses, you'd be surprised how many recipes call for the kaffir lime. If you're looking for new dishes, try these!

Are you wondering what to cook with your kaffir limes or kaffir lime leaves? If so, you'll be surprised to see just how many different dishes there are. Aside from tasty curries, you need to know what else these tangy treats have in store. 


From delectable desserts to soothing soups, these limes are extremely versatile. Read on for five must-know kaffir lime recipes

Kaffir Lime Custards

One of the most delicious desserts incorporating kaffir lime are lime custards. They combine smooth, silky creaminess along with the tropical tang of lime citrus fruit. Using only the zest and leaf of the lime, they leave you with the rest of the fruit for another tasty treat. 

The best thing about kaffir lime custards is that they are extremely simple to make. As they firm up using the lime juice itself, no gelatin is included, making them perfect for vegetarians. 

Kaffir Lime and Mango Vinaigrette

This entry is technically a condiment, but we have included it as it is both delicious and useful. The zest of the lime and sweetness of the mango can liven even the dullest of salads. You can prepare the dressing, bottle it, and use it in emergencies for some delicious flavor. 

It works best on light leaf salads, or salads containing juicy tropical fruits like pineapple. However, it can also work as a dressing over grilled meat, BBQ fish, and even rice noodle bowls. 

Lime Leaf Miso Soup

This soup has one of the most distinctive flavors in all the kaffir lime dishes you will taste. It combines the umami, savory taste of warm miso soup with the notes of the kaffir lime leaf. The addition of lemongrass, a firm favorite of kaffir lime, really lifts the dish. 

To make this soup, you can use a pressure cooker that can leave you eating this broth quickly in under 20 minutes. Or, you can cook on the stovetop, which tends to have more flavor. For real depth of flavor, try a slow cook overnight. 

Scallops in Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir lime recipes with meaty, well-bodied fish work extremely well, such as scallops wrapped in kaffir lime leaves. This is no exception and thrives upon the balance of perfect, simple ingredients. In fact, make sure you have the freshest scallops to get the real taste sensation from your dish. 

Coconut Kaffir Leaf Mussels

Carrying on the seafood theme, this kaffir lime recipe swaps hearty, well-bodied fish for delicate, tender mussels. With the addition of coconut and chili, the mussels take on a whole new depth and flavor. Once again, ensure you have the best mussels for this recipe along with the best citrus for your kaffir lime recipes. 

Finding Quality Citrus & Produce

The success of these kaffir lime dishes depends on the quality of the produce. Try to source the best fish and meat possible, along with the freshest herbs and spices. Your kaffir limes must of course be as vibrant and juicy as possible. Check out more delicious recipes using kaffir lime leaves on our blog!

For your citrus fruit, look no further than US Citrus. We provide the freshest citrus fruit and Kaffir lime leaves around!

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