Costa Blanca Drink Recipe: Nutritious and Delicious!

Want a relaxing beverage that's both nutritious and delicious? Look no further than our Costa Blanca drink recipe! Learn how to make it today.

Your busy life hasn't given you much time to go grocery shopping as you should and your diet has suffered. Now, you're always tired, your muscles hurt, and you keep getting cramps in your hands and feet!

These symptoms often mean you're not getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. The CDC says that only about 12% of adults in the United States get enough fruits and veggies in their diet! 

Don't worry! We've got a great way to add a little more oomph to your diet with some crave-worthy citrus. Keep reading to learn how to make our killer Costa Blanca adult beverage using refreshing citrus ingredients!

Why Do Gin and Tonic Taste Better Together?

Have you ever tried drinking gin or tonic water without mixing them together? Most people don't find it pleasant. But, the combination of these two ingredients adds up to way more than the sum of its parts!

A good bartender can explain the beverage science and complex interactions between the infused gin and the fizzy tonic water. The way the molecules interact with your flavor receptors lights up all kinds of sensors in the part of your brain that enjoys eating and drinking. Add in some fresh citrus into the mix and you have a recipe for a refreshing beverage backed by science!

Preparing the Infused Gin

Before you make your beverage, you'll want to prepare your infused gin to give it that punch of citrus flavor. Instead of using lime wedges, try adding a handful of kaffir lime leaves to your gin for a bright and invigorating twist!

Give the lime leaves a coarse chop and throw them into a liter of dry gin. Cover the infusion and let it sit in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Before using the infused gin, strain out the lime leaves. Once you remove the leaves, you can store this infusion in the refrigerator or back on the shelf.

Mixing the Costa Blanca

To make the drink, lay a round slice of an orange into the bottom of the glass. On top of the orange, add in an ounce and a half of the infused gin and fill the rest of the glass with ice. Top off the drink with tonic water until the glass is almost full.

Many people like to garnish this drink with a sprig of tarragon or rosemary before serving. But, feel free to garnish with citrus fruits like lemon, lime, or orange instead.

Squeeze the Most You Can Out of Life

You don't have to live in California to enjoy a little slice of sunshine when you have a drink like this in your hand! The refreshing fizz and punch of lime flavor from the healthy kaffir lime leaves taste like summer in a glass.

After you get the infused gin, why not plan a dinner party and impress your friends with this simple and classy drink? They'll think you took a fancy mixology class!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned how to make a beautiful and delicious Costa Blanca beverage. Visit our blog for all things citrus!

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