Learn How to Make a Kaffir Lime Leaf Drink With These 5 Tips

Have you made a kaffir lime leaf drink or cocktail before? Here are five helpful tips on how to make your own delicious citrus makrut (kaffir) lime leaf drinks.

The kaffir lime is an unusual yet unique lime found mostly in Asia and Thailand. This lime and its leaves provide a variety of health benefits, such as promoting oral and digestive health. You can identify the kaffir Lime by its bumpy texture.

The kaffir lime (sometimes referred to also as kaffir) can also make delicious drinks! These are a standout from your regular vodka drinks and make a great way to wind down your day or serve at parties. 

If you are curious about trying a kaffir lime leaf cocktail, use these five tips to get one of the most interesting and delicious citrus cocktails you've ever had. 

1. Use Real Kaffir Leaves

To make DIY kaffir drinks, you'll need to use fresh kaffir leaves. Only then will you get the distinct flavor and freshness of the lime. Since kaffir lime is exotic citrus, you may have trouble finding these in your local supermarket. 

The best bet is to buy makrut (kaffir) leaves online and have them delivered straight to your door. If you're not going to use them right away, you can freeze them for a long period of time to maintain freshness. 

2. Use Vodka

Do you have a favorite vodka? Consider using it to make makrut (kaffir) lime-infused vodka!

All you will need is your choice of vodka and several kaffir lime leaves. For every cup of vodka, use up to three leaves (or more if you prefer it stronger.)

Store in a cool, dark place while the infusion occurs, shaking the cup of vodka and leaves a couple of times a day. After 5-7 days, store the finished product in the refrigerator. Now you're ready to finish making your kaffir lime leaf cocktail!

3. Use Sugar

You can also make your own kaffir lime leaf syrup using sugar and water. This syrup has a variety of uses. 

Bring one cup of water, one cup of white sugar, and about 5-6 kaffir lime leaves to a boil. Once cooled, allow it to sit for four hours, strain out the leaves, and then store in the fridge. You should use the syrup in ten days for freshness.

4. Don't Forget Dessert

While you can drink your kaffir lime cocktail alone, it's much better to pair it with a dessert. These cocktails work well with light citrusy desserts like key lime pie or lemon bars. 

There's no limit to what deserts you can try with this one-of-a-kind drink!

5. Non-Alcoholic

Cocktails are very popular, but not everyone enjoys an alcoholic drink. With kaffir lime leaves, you can make other drinks minus the alcohol that taste just as citrusy and bright as alcoholic ones. 

Using a few kaffir leaves or syrup, add it to sparkling water with ice, and you have a refreshing drink without the alcohol. Perfect for a warm afternoon!

Kaffir Lime Leaf Cocktail: Try It Today

The kaffir lime leaf cocktail is a hit on its own or at cocktail parties. Try making your own fresh, homemade kaffir lime leaf drink today!

Need kaffir leaves to get started? We've got you covered with the freshest kaffir lime leaves delivered straight to your door from our citrus grove!

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