No More Nasty Detox Drinks: Kaffir Lime Leaves for Body Detoxing

Don't suffer through anymore nasty detox drinks. Add fresh makrut (kaffir) lime leaves to your detox recipe for a delicious body detoxing drink every time.

Native to Southeast Asia, the kaffir lime and its leaves have been used for detox drinks to flush out all of your bad habits and unwanted toxins. Kaffir is a powerful citrus fruit good for full body treatment, internally as well as externally.

Have you been feeling sluggish, foggy-headed, or have stubborn weight that you can't lose? These may be signs that it is time for a nice cleansing detox. And makrut lime could be just the citrus that you need to get the job done right!

Why Should You Detox?

Daily, our bodies are exposed to tons of toxins which are basically harmful substances. Toxins can come in a wide variety of forms including chemicals in foods or our water, toxins in the air that we breathe, and even though our skin such as in laundry detergent, body wash, or lotion.

The body is not meant to take in so many toxins that our environment throws at us, so once in a while, it is a good idea to flush them out. Drinking clean fresh water helps to flush them out, and so does getting a massage and acupuncture. But, drinking a detoxifying drink pushes them out from the inside out.

Who Is Detoxing Good For?

If you are on a diet, a detox can help that stubborn excess weight finally shed. Detoxing is also a helpful way to rejuvenate your body after drinking too much alcohol or eating a lot of unhealthy food on vacation and will reset your system getting you back on track.

Nature's Best

Getting creative with your citrus fruit intake can mean more than just making lemonade. The essential oils found in makrut lime leaves are one of the most powerful and well-rounded full-body detoxes that you can treat yourself to. Get a healthy gut, hair, spirit, skin, and also antibacterial body with a makrut lime leaf detox.

The "Other" Detox Drinks

What's in a detox drink off of the shelf? You may find products labeled as detox, or cleansing and claim to be all-natural including ingredients like herbs and superfoods. Most of these products are designed to eliminate toxins by giving you loose bowels.

Besides bottled products, there are a lot of recipes to make your own detox drinks at home using everyday items such as apple cider vinegar or cayenne pepper. Some of these detox remedies are ok, but kaffir lime can help your detox even more.

But Wait, There's More!

These kaffir limes don't just detox your body. No. They are known to be a spiritual cleanse, too. 

Makrut (or Kaffir) limes cleanse and restore your body's chi to give you more energy and a glowing aura. This citrus fruit can also be used to kill head lice when applied to the scalp and hair. You can use this citrus fruit to repel insects, too!

Our Healthy Bodies

Citrus fruit really is a versatile miracle plant that provides an array of health benefits. When life hands you kaffir lime leaves, make detox drinks!

Visit our blog on everything citrus for more citrus recipes, insights, and uses!

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