Chop, Chop: The Easiest Way to Use & Chop Kaffir Leaves

Looking for the easiest way to use & chop kaffir lime leaves? You've come to the right place. Improve your knowledge of using kaffir lime leaves below!

With many of the vegetables and fruits that humans eat, you eat the root or the flower and throw away the leaves. When it comes to kaffir limes, however, it's the exact opposite.

You see, kaffir limes themselves are nothing like the limes we use to cook Thai food or garnish fruit cocktails. Resembling small, wrinkled, green brains, kaffir limes are far too bitter to eat. On the other hand, kaffir lime leaves are entirely edible and extremely delicious! 

Read on to learn how to chop kaffir leaves and everything else you need to know about these exotic, fragrant and flavorful leaves!

What Do Kaffir Lime Leaves Taste Like?

These distinctive leaves do impart a citrusy flavor, but it's very different from the flavor of any other citrus fruit. There really is no substitute! Once you have tasted it, you will be hooked -- and you will see that using regular lime leaves simply won't do. It's time to seek out the real thing.

Where Are They Available?

You can order the largest and freshest kaffir lime leaves right here at US Citrus. Luckily, kaffir lime leaves can be frozen or dried in addition to being used fresh. That makes them much more accessible to home cooks. Fresh kaffir lime leaves will last about a week or so when stored in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. You can also freeze them, taking out one or two as needed, for up to one year. 

Dried kaffir lime leaves are also available, but may not be as flavorful as the other varieties. As with all types of dried herbs, you'll need more of the dried kaffir leaves to achieve the same flavor you'd get with fresh or frozen ones.

How Do You Chop Kaffir Leaves?

First of all, you should know that they don't always need to be chopped. In some cases, you can add them whole to a dish -- such as curry, stew, or soup. For other applications, chiffonade them as you would basil, by rolling several leaves together into a cigar shape and slicing or cutting them into ribbons. Check out these delicious kaffir lime leaf recipes.

Another good option is to crush the lime leaves either with your fingers or in a mortar and pestle. Either way, this makes the leaves aromatic and flavorful

What Foods Do They Pair Well With?

Since the kaffir lime trees are native to Asia, it makes sense that they would work wonderfully well in Thai, Indonesian, and Cambodian cuisines. Kaffir leaves are perfect for infusing curries of almost any kind with heady, fragrant scent and taste. Seafood is another delicious way to use these leaves. Try them in the broth you use to steam mussels, or atop a fresh piece of haddock or mahi-mahi steamed in parchment.

For true refreshment on a hot day, use kaffir lime leaves to make limeade!

Kaffir Lime Leaves Bring Flavor to Your Kitchen

Of course, you can read about kaffir lime leaves until the cows come home, but you really need to smell for yourself the delectable fragrance that wafts through your kitchen when you chop kaffir leaves. Not to mention the je ne sais quoi of their flavor in your favorite Asian dishes! 

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