What Is a Kaffir Lime & Why Should You Use It?

If you've never heard of or used a kaffir lime before, you're missing out. Wondering what a kaffir lime is? Learn about this versatile citrus below!

Citrus is a key part of seasoning your food. It can be the ingredient that takes the recipe from bland to bam! Oranges and lemons are so played out, though. To really upgrade your cooking skills, look into the Kaffir lime.

What is kaffir lime, you ask?

The kaffir lime (scientific name: Citrus hystrix) is part of the citrus family and includes a poignant lemon-lime flavor. You'll find this flavor used often in Thai and Southeast Asian food. Each part of the citrus plant is used for different properties.

Kaffir lime leaves are the fragrant seasoning that bay leaves wish they were! Continue reading below to learn more about the kaffir lime citrus fruit.

What Is Kaffir Lime? Why Should I Use It?

The kaffir lime tree begins as a small, thorny bush that can grow into a small citrus tree. The fruit produced are small, wrinkly lime-like fruits. Many parts of the plant can be used, in different ways. You'll find this flavor is used frequently in Thai and Southeast Asian dishes. 

You can use the leaves, oil, and fruit of the kaffir lime in cooking, and has many health benefits. The flavoring is strongest in the rinds and leaves of the kaffir lime, so they're used mostly in cooking. 

Kaffir lime leaves are tough in texture, similar to a bay leaf so if you use the whole leaf in your recipe, remember, to remove it before serving. (Or you can just eat around it!) 

Kaffir Limes Are Full of Healthy Benefits 

Besides its fundamental flavoring, the kaffir lime offers a lot of beneficial health additives!

Each part of the citrus fruit is beneficial for a different reason, like the oil of the kaffir lime leaf that diffuses through cooking. This fragrance is used in aromatherapy and is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue. 

Kaffir limes also share similar properties to lemongrass making it a great digestive. It can help alleviate indigestion, constipation, and more serious gastrointestinal issues, like ulcers.

Kaffir limes also act as a great anti-inflammatory, both topically and when digested. The oil of kaffir lime leaves acts as a great topical stimulant for ailments like rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

You can also ingest the leaves for a similar, all-over body stimulus. 

Kaffir Limes And Their Many Uses  

Kaffir limes are an extremely beneficial plant and now you can bless someone else when they ask you what a kaffir lime is!

The significant flavor from Kaffir limes can truly brighten up any dish while being versatile in its uses. From cooking; to herbal medicine; to perfume and shampoos. 

Kaffir lime leaves can be used either dried or fresh making them accessible to people who may not live in the region where they grow.

Plus, the added health benefits of the kaffir lime are a great supplement to their robust flavor. They make your food not only tasty but healthy as well.

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